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About Weston, Inc.

Our Core Purpose is to provide homes for businesses and people by finding solutions that create value.

Our BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is 50 | 90 | BLT
which means 50 million square feet, 90% occupied, and Best Landlord in Town.

Company Overview

As one of Greater Cleveland’s largest privately held industrial property owner and developer, Weston owns a national industrial real estate portfolio of approximately 12 million square feet serving over 550 tenants. For nearly 50 years, it has exhibited experience and expertise in the areas of building ownership, development, acquisitions, facilities management, tenant services, financing, and leasing.

Since its inception, Weston has been a leading choice of businesses with a distinctive vision of their real estate goals who seek flexible, practical solutions to their space needs offering a broad spectrum of commercial real estate services including acquisition, leasing and management services.


Weston is in the business of accommodating businesses. It is committed to continuous organizational and technical improvements and support of its highly trained staff ensuring cost-efficient savings for its tenants. The company’s professional team brings a diverse subset of real estate expertise. Its superior breadth and depth of services ensures quick access to solutions to its tenants’ growing needs.

Should questions or needs arise, Weston’s executive staff is available. Its efficient and effective execution of building ownership and operational details frees its tenants from dealing with daily overseeing thereby allowing them to focus on other areas central to their businesses.

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"These are guys that understand how to get something done in a tough environment."

-Joe Cimperman,
Cleveland City Councilman

"Weston has helped a number of our clients including RPM International solve difficult issues across their real estate footprint with creativity and rapid response whenever called upon. In the case of RPM, Weston stepped in to acquire an owned facility that was undergoing a new construction warehouse expansion when capital in that budget year became tight for the project. Weston developed the balance of the construction project using their capital, while creating a fair leaseback on market terms.

As a family-owned enterprise, Weston values relationships and a long-term view in crafting solutions to corporate real estate needs. A valued member of our community, Weston's generosity is now multi-generational and has created an enduring legacy in this regard. Founded by Anthony J. Asher over 30 years ago, the organization has grown into a regional portfolio that makes them a market leader with industrial and other opportunistic development that has served this firm's clients extremely well over the years."

-David P. O'Neill
Colliers International
Managing Director and Partner